Escape Rooms Offer a Fascinating and Creative Form of Teambuilding

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Escape rooms can offer an truly unique team building activity. Bottom line, they are fun. Not only are they fun, but they naturally promote creativity, problem solving, communication, and team work. After all, you and your team are about to be locked in a room together, and you have one hour to collectively use your skills to help the team solve puzzles, decipher codes, find clues, and figure out how to get the hidden key and escape. The only way to do it is to work together. There is no other way to escape. If you don't work together and contribute to the team effort you and your team will fail.

At Escape:chandler, our games are really great for corporate groups. Our escape room games and puzzles are designed to be non linear, which means that multiple team members can be working on different puzzles at the same time which allows each team member to utilize their unique skill sets to in order help the entire team escape the room. Our escape room games are designed to engage a number of different personality and skill types and emphasize creative thinking, effective communication, team work, organization, and task delegation which employers and employees can use to improve their productivity and their work environment. When everyone contributes, it leads to stronger team building, are presents more opportunities for shared learning. It's the collective that will escape the room, not the individual.

It's a win win. Employees learn to work together and enjoy doing it! Managers of corporations or businesses that participate will be able to observe the employees' communication and problem solving skills in a unique puzzle filled environment in a race against the clock. Such observations can help employers immensely after the game is over. Managers can observe how employees interact during the escape room experience and determine what lessons can be taken back to the office based on what they observed. Escape games are unique in that respect. Escape rooms are not like running a race, untying knots, or completing an obstacle course. They are much more immersive with an very intricate story line behind them. Groups feel a much greater sense of accomplishment than any other type of team building activity. But don't take my word for it. Ask anyone who has done an escape room as a team building activity. They will tell you, that after they did an escape room, they actually felt a greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment than any other team building event they had ever done before. With everyone working towards an identical goal, there's a lot of good conversation that happens after the game ends. Most importantly, escape rooms encourage taking risks to get rewards, not individually, but as a group. We're not talking about gambling risks either. These are calculated risks involving serious deep thought, that only escape room team building events can provide.

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